The undiscovered pearl of the North

Admire and experience Norway

Far above the Arctic Circle lies the municipality of Loppa, with the beautiful town of Bergsfjord on a peninsula. Discover the best that Northern Norway has to offer here. Rustic nature and ultimate tranquility.

This is Norway

Would you like to relax in a stress-free environment? Then Bergsfjord, Loppa Municipality, is the right place. ” Here you can enjoy all that Northern Norway has to offer. Rustic nature, remote and a friendly Norwegian village, unaffected by modern tourism. Some describe Loppa as the still undiscovered and friendly Norwegian Western Cape.

In addition to relaxing, you can also spend your time very active and go seafishing, fly fishing on the lakes, hiking, climbing, bird and whale watching in the fall. And go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. During this period, you can also see the most intense Northern Lights. You can go on a multi-day survival trip and we will pick up and bring you with our great boats. The climate in Loppa (Bergsfjord) is temperate, because it is located on the coast along the warm Gulf Stream. It never gets as cold here as in the interior of Norway. In both summer and winter, the temperatures are moderate and excellent for outdoor activities or simply “being” in Loppa (Bergsfjord).

Loppa (Bersfjord)

Sheltered in Northern Norway is the quiet and old fishing village of Bergsfjord, which is part of the municipality of Loppa. You will be welcomed by our team and you will stay in our beautifully renovated typical village houses.

The beautiful sea journey to the remote Bergsfjord by Ferry is an unforgettable start to your stay. Bergsfjord is located in the heart of Loppa Municipality in Finnmark in the northernmost part of Norway. You can only reach the village by ferry. You don’t need a car. Our team will be waiting for you when the ferry arrives. Our houses are the typical local houses, well restored and have 3 two bedrooms and can accommodate 6 people with a good kitchen, bathroom and sitting room. The fully equipped kitchen has a dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and coffee machine. A washing machine and dryer are available.



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Our brochure contains all the information about our unique trip to Loppa.